araestel (araestel) wrote in potc_challenge,

Week 42 Voting

Thank you very much for your participation in this 42nd week of challenges.

Voting ends Tuesday (06/06) at @ 7pm EST.

Comment below with the respective number of your favourite icons as indicated.

Less or more votes will be discounted. The order doesn't matter.

Regular Challenge - 18, 4, 21

All comments will be screened. Remember not to vote for your own entry, BUT PLEASE VOTE!! And good luck everyone. :)

Regular Challenge: VOTE FOR THREE

01. PotC 02. PotC

03. PotC 04. PotC

05. PotC 06.PotC

07. PotC 08.PotC

09. PotC 10. PotC

11. PotC 12. PotC

13. PotC 14.PotC

15. PotC 16. PotC

17. PotC 18. PotC

19. PotC 20. PotC

21. PotC 22. PotC

23. PotC 24. PotC

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